KKnD 시리즈

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KKnD 시리즈
장르 실시간 전략 시뮬레이션
개발자(팀) Beam Software
플랫폼 MS-DOS, Windows
출시일 1997/03/25
1997/10/30 (Xtreme)
1998 (KKnD 2)
언어 영어

KKnD (Krush, Kill 'n' Destroy)는 Beam Software에 의해 개발된 실시간 전략 시뮬레이션 게임이다.


21세기는 황금기로 가는 것처럼 보였다. 전쟁은 항상 적었고, 핵무기는 예전에 비해 아주 일부만 남아있었으며, 20세기까지 두려워했던 자연재해들은 더이상 문제가 되지 않았다. 나노 기술의 발전은 수많은 문제를 해결했으며, 중공업은 우주로까지 진출하기 시작했다.

하지만, 2079년 모든 것이 잘못되었다

탄두가 우주에서 쏟아져 내리며, 도시가 불타오르는 방사능 용광로가 되면서 일주일도 안되어 세계 인구의 25%가 사라졌다.

KKnD Xtreme의 유닛과 건물[1]

Survivors 건물

이미지 이름 설명
KKnD S POWER STATION.gif POWER STATION Power makers. Get some Tankers (you get a freebie with it) to drag some oil into these babies and you've got lights, camera, death - and Resource Units! Power the war machine! Viva la Revolution!
KKnD S OUTPOST.gif OUTPOST Trains and produces all Survivor infantry. Also allows different Guard Towers to be produced at certain Tech Levels. Often begins life as a Mobile Outpost.
KKnD S MACHINE SHOP.gif MACHINE SHOP This builds all vehicles for the Survivors. It's the equivalent of the Evolved's Blacksmith and Beast Enclosure put together.
KKnD S REPAIR BAY.gif REPAIR BAY Repairs Survivor vehicles. You got an Anaconda tank with a squeaky seat? Send it to the Repair Bay for some good ol' fashioned healin'!

Survivors 유닛

이미지 이름 설명
KKnD S Anaconda CLASS TANK.gif "Anaconda" CLASS TANK Okay, it doesn't look much like a snake, but if you try telling that to the gunners inside, you'll register pretty high on metal detector tests pretty quickly, if you take the meaning. Big tank, big bang.
KKnD S BARRAGE CRAFT.gif BARRAGE CRAFT You get yourself a hover truck, you rip off that useless 'cargo' bit on the back (people can only ever be so much fun as far as projectile weapons go), and you strap on a killer-death ripple-volley, action-packed, 6-shot mega-nasty missile launcher. Keep on truckin'!
KKnD S AUTOCANNON TANK.gif AUTOCANNON TANK The rotational turret on this machine was designed by the Grim Reaper himself. Doesn't go too fast, but anyone who tries racing one loses in a very nasty way.
KKnD S 4x4 PICKUP.gif 4x4 PICKUP A quick vehicle for getting around town, picking up the kids, doing a spot of shopping, and maybe blowing mutants clean off the land with its 50 calibre machine gun.

Evolved 건물

이미지 이름 설명
KKnD E POWER STATION.gif POWER STATION Functionally the same as the Survivors' Power Station. Creates a free Tanker, processes oil, gives you Resource Units, causes pollution (but hey, after a nuclear war, who cares?). Viva la Evolution!
KKnD E CLAN HALL.gif CLAN HALL Trains and produces all Evolved infantry, as well as allowing Guard Towers to be produced at certain Tech Levels. Can start out as a Mobile Clan Hall.
KKnD E BLACKSMITH.gif BLACKSMITH Costs less than the Survivors' Machine Shop, but doesn't produce quite as much. Builds all Evolved motorised vehicles.
KKnD E BEAST ENCLOSURE.gif BEAST ENCLOSURE This little house of procreation breeds all of the Evolved Beasts, made to order.

Evolved 유닛

이미지 이름 설명
KKnD E MISSILE CRAB.gif MISSILE CRAB A big pincer, two missile launchers and a crab the size of a small house. You get a case of these crabs, and you'll be doin' more than scratchin', buddy.
KKnD E WAR MASTODON.gif WAR MASTODON The reappearance of this creature is due to an Ice Age/Nuclear Winter similarity. It's an elephant with a severe bikini line problem and an automatic gun on its back for anyone who makes that joke.
KKnD E BOMBARDIER BEETLE.gif BOMBARDIER BEETLE The only thing worse than a beetle that spurts globs of abrasive, destructive and smelly chemicals out of its bloated abdomen is a 20 foot long beetle that spurts globs of abrasive, destructive and smelly chemicals out of its bloated abdomen. Yucko.
KKnD E PIT GIANT SCORPION.gif PIT / GIANT SCORPION So you wake up from a nice night of camping and what do you find in your sleeping bag? A 20 foot long scorpion with enormous pincers and the ability to squirt highly corrosive acid. Well, I suppose if you get drunk the night before, anything can happen...

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  1. 모든 정보와 이지지 자료는 KKnD 공식 홈페이지에 기재된 것임.