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ジャンル RTS
開発元 Beam Software
プラットフォーム MS-DOS, Windows
リリース日 1997/03/25
1997/10/30 (Xtreme)
1998 (KKnD 2)
言語 英語

KKnD (Krush, Kill 'n' Destroy)はBeam Softwareによって開発されたリアルタイム戦略シミュレーションゲームである。





KKnD Xtremeのユニットと建物[1]

Survivors 建物

画像 名前 説明
ファイル:KKnD S POWER STATION.gif POWER STATION Power makers. Get some Tankers (you get a freebie with it) to drag some oil into these babies and you've got lights, camera, death - and Resource Units! Power the war machine! Viva la Revolution!
ファイル:KKnD S OUTPOST.gif OUTPOST Trains and produces all Survivor infantry. Also allows different Guard Towers to be produced at certain Tech Levels. Often begins life as a Mobile Outpost.
ファイル:KKnD S MACHINE SHOP.gif MACHINE SHOP This builds all vehicles for the Survivors. It's the equivalent of the Evolved's Blacksmith and Beast Enclosure put together.
ファイル:KKnD S REPAIR BAY.gif REPAIR BAY Repairs Survivor vehicles. You got an Anaconda tank with a squeaky seat? Send it to the Repair Bay for some good ol' fashioned healin'!

Survivors ユニット

画像 名前 説明
ファイル:KKnD S Anaconda CLASS TANK.gif "Anaconda" CLASS TANK Okay, it doesn't look much like a snake, but if you try telling that to the gunners inside, you'll register pretty high on metal detector tests pretty quickly, if you take the meaning. Big tank, big bang.
ファイル:KKnD S BARRAGE CRAFT.gif BARRAGE CRAFT You get yourself a hover truck, you rip off that useless 'cargo' bit on the back (people can only ever be so much fun as far as projectile weapons go), and you strap on a killer-death ripple-volley, action-packed, 6-shot mega-nasty missile launcher. Keep on truckin'!
ファイル:KKnD S AUTOCANNON TANK.gif AUTOCANNON TANK The rotational turret on this machine was designed by the Grim Reaper himself. Doesn't go too fast, but anyone who tries racing one loses in a very nasty way.
ファイル:KKnD S 4x4 PICKUP.gif 4x4 PICKUP A quick vehicle for getting around town, picking up the kids, doing a spot of shopping, and maybe blowing mutants clean off the land with its 50 calibre machine gun.

Evolved 建物

画像 名前 説明
ファイル:KKnD E POWER STATION.gif POWER STATION Functionally the same as the Survivors' Power Station. Creates a free Tanker, processes oil, gives you Resource Units, causes pollution (but hey, after a nuclear war, who cares?). Viva la Evolution!
ファイル:KKnD E CLAN HALL.gif CLAN HALL Trains and produces all Evolved infantry, as well as allowing Guard Towers to be produced at certain Tech Levels. Can start out as a Mobile Clan Hall.
ファイル:KKnD E BLACKSMITH.gif BLACKSMITH Costs less than the Survivors' Machine Shop, but doesn't produce quite as much. Builds all Evolved motorised vehicles.
ファイル:KKnD E BEAST ENCLOSURE.gif BEAST ENCLOSURE This little house of procreation breeds all of the Evolved Beasts, made to order.

Evolved ユニット

画像 名前 説明
ファイル:KKnD E MISSILE CRAB.gif MISSILE CRAB A big pincer, two missile launchers and a crab the size of a small house. You get a case of these crabs, and you'll be doin' more than scratchin', buddy.
ファイル:KKnD E WAR MASTODON.gif WAR MASTODON The reappearance of this creature is due to an Ice Age/Nuclear Winter similarity. It's an elephant with a severe bikini line problem and an automatic gun on its back for anyone who makes that joke.
ファイル:KKnD E BOMBARDIER BEETLE.gif BOMBARDIER BEETLE The only thing worse than a beetle that spurts globs of abrasive, destructive and smelly chemicals out of its bloated abdomen is a 20 foot long beetle that spurts globs of abrasive, destructive and smelly chemicals out of its bloated abdomen. Yucko.
ファイル:KKnD E PIT GIANT SCORPION.gif PIT / GIANT SCORPION So you wake up from a nice night of camping and what do you find in your sleeping bag? A 20 foot long scorpion with enormous pincers and the ability to squirt highly corrosive acid. Well, I suppose if you get drunk the night before, anything can happen...




  1. すべての情報と画像はKKnD 公式サイトに掲載されたものである。